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👆 Flags representing the 25 countries of the SHINE Project Partners.  Picture credit: Pixabay

What is the SHINE Project?

SHINE is a community of practice for Higher Education and innovation. We share, celebrate and create best practice in education & training, support for startups, organisational transformation and societal impact.

SHINE Project vision

How can I get involved in the SHINE Project?

The SHINE Project is open to Higher Education professionals and industry experts who have a vested interest in improving innovation and entrepreneurship. Discover how you can become a SHINE Partner.

SHINE Project partners

How can SHINE help my HEI to improve education and training?

Discover how to scale up the number of students who are educated about the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and entrepreneurship.

SHINE Project education

How can SHINE help my organisation to improve support for start-ups?

Explore how to scale up the number of startups that are supported from planning, through launch and on to long-term sustainability.

SHINE Project start-ups

How can SHINE help my organisation to improve its impact (economic, social and cultural)?

Consider how to scale up the number or people in society who gain benefits (economic, social and cultural) from HE.

SHINE Project societal impact

How can SHINE help my organisation to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship?

Find out how to scale up the number of staff in HE that are engaged in the organisational transformation & the creation of an entrepreneurial culture.

SHINE Project organisational transformation

SHINE Project


We present a selection of recent news items about the SHINE Project

New Partners

May 2023.  We are delighted to welcome three new partners to the SHINE Project:

Ellen Burgdorf-Schröder, Project Manager at Harz University in Germany

Stefan GG,  Senior Consultant at GemSeek in Bulgaria.

Tamara Čolić Milosavljević, Tech Transfer Manager at University of Belgrade

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Partnerships that create value in society

April 2023. A summary of this webinar, including video clips of our speakers, has been added to the SHINE Project website.

The lessons from this webinar can be applied by Higher Education Institutions in the partnerships that they have with business & society.

[The webinar summary...]

Registration is open for our next webinar

April 2023. The next webinar will take place on Wednesday 10th May, from 17:00 - 18:00 CET on the theme "Helping student entrepreneurs to understand the real world."

Join us. Be inspired by our speakers. Share your views.

Registration is now closed

New Partners

March 2023.  We are pleased to welcome three new partners to the SHINE Project:

Aiday Kasmalieva Kara, PhD Student at 

Fırat University in Türkiye

Carine Chisu, a self-employed Learning Innovator from Belgium

Veronica Maier, Lecturer at  Technical University Cluj-Napoca in Romania

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Partnership with the OECD

Two of the SHINE Project Partners, Paul Coyle and Yancy Vaillant, have been invited to be members of the OECD's EECOLE (Entrepreneurship Education Collaboration and Engagement) Network. There is a strong alignment between the goals of SHINE and EECOLE, and the 2 projects will be mutually beneficial.

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