Scaling Higher education Innovation using the Entrepreneurial mindset




Welcome to the SHINE Project (Scaling Higher Education Innovation using the Entrepreneurial Mindset.)

SHINE is a research collaboration involving 32 partners in 25 countries covering Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the United Kingdom.




An image is shown of each of the current 32 partners.  Click on any image to connect with the partner on LinkedIn. SHINE welcomes partner applications from Higher Education professionals (academics, researchers, professional services staff and senior leaders). Simply click on the [Apply] button at the top of this page. The partners represent 25 countries:

  • 13 European Union countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain)
  • 4 Southeastern Europe countries (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia)
  • 4 countries of the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
  • 2 African countries (Morocco & Tunisia)
  • 1 South American country (Ecuador)
  • 1 Middle East country (Türkiye)

Paul Coyle
Bob Bastian
Roberto Brambilla
Stefan Chichevaliev
Enikő Koppány
Marco Lamas
Milica Jovanović
Viviana Premazzi
Alison Price
Yancy Vaillant
Admir Salihagić
Anna Górecka
Carine Chisu
Chris Peters
Christian Friedl
Ellen Burgdorf-Schröder
Gerson Sopó Montero
Hanna Willis
Kelly Johnston
Lorena (Alikaj) Serjanaj
Louise Kerr
Mustapha Lakehal
Neil Bowie
Nigel Adams
Rabii Outhama
Robert Crammond
Stefan GG
Tamara Čolić Milosavljević
Teuta Hazizi
Veronica Maier

The SHINE Project aligns with the aims of the Entrepreneurship Education Collaboration and Engagement (EECOLE) Network which feeds into the work of the OECD Committee for SMEs, Entrepreneurship, and other relevant OECD bodies.

EECOLE aims to help identify the skills bundle characterising the entrepreneurial mindset, as well as good practices and approaches to promote its development. It aims to enhance the connections between HEIs, businesses and other partners in their own communities to foster entrepreneurial and resilient ecosystems.  The SHINE Project commits to support EECOLE by sharing insights and know-how for scaling up entrepreneurship and innovation in Higher Education.



The SHINE Project is investigating 2 major research questions.

1 How can Higher Education scale up existing entrepreneurial and innovation capacity for the benefit of greater numbers of students and societal stakeholders?

2 How can Higher Education apply key concepts from entrepreneurship (i.e. entrepreneurial mindset, start-up and scale-up) to overcome the typical barriers to change management?

SHINE is an international community of Higher Education professionals and industry experts who are collaborating to create practical know-how about scaling innovation capacity in Higher Education and university-industry collaboration.  

There are four sub-areas of investigation, or conversations, related to Students, Startups, Society and Staff:

  1. Students - how to scale up the number of students who are educated about the entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and entrepreneurship
  2. Startups - how to scale up the number of startups that are supported from planning, through launch and on to long-term sustainability
  3. Society - how to scale up the number of partnerships that generate societal benefits (cultural, economic, environmental and social)
  4. Staff - how to scale up the number of staff in HE that are engaged in the organisational transformation that will create and sustain a more entrepreneurial HE culture

      There is a great range of innovative and entrepreneurial activity by European HEIs. We share and celebrate this good practice via our website and events. However, these opportunities are often only available to a small percentage of the total number of students, academics and societal stakeholders. 

      If Higher Education Institutions can scale up their innovation and entrepreneurship capacity then they will be able to create greater impact (economic, social and cultural) in the towns and cities, regions and countries in which they are located. The SHINE Project aims to co-create solutions that will overcome the common barriers to scaling up the innovation capacity of Higher Education Institutions.  

      SHINE Project Aims

      1. To provide regular opportunities for a diverse range of people to share their stories, experiences and lessons learned.
      2. To stimulate discussions that are open, honest and realistic about what works and what doesn’t.
      3. To capture lessons learned and topics for further investigation.
      4. To ensure that discussions lead to recommendations about practical actions (for students, educators, researchers, leaders and policy makers.)
      5. To take an entrepreneurial approach to overcoming the challenges of entrepreneurship education.
      6. To disseminate insights, findings and practical know-how for the benefit of Higher Education professionals worldwide.
      7. To use a wide range of dissemination methods (the SHINE Project website, conference presentations, research papers, videos etc.)

      The Project uses the definition of the entrepreneurial mindset devised by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network.  The definition is distinctive because it is based on entrepreneurial behaviours. As an aid to memory, 1 essential entrepreneurial behaviour is allocated to each of the 7 letters in the word MINDSET.  The definition is relevant not just to entrepreneurs, but employees in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

      Entrepreneurial mindset defintion

      The definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is available for [DOWNLOAD] in the following 16 languages:

      [عربي]  [中国人]  [Deutschen]  [ελληνικά]  [English]  [Español]  [français]  [italiano]  [Nederlands]  [Português]  [ਪੰਜਾਬੀ]  [română]  [Русский]  [Српски]  [shqip]  [Türkçe]




      The method chosen to gather information for analysis is a series of online webinars. To date 15 have taken place with registrations from people in 51 countries

      The premise of the webinars is that every participant has the potential to make a valid contribution and the aim is to capture as much of this professional expertise as possible. The diversity of the participants is another important consideration. Examples of the participants who contributed to the SHINE Project webinars include: academics from a diverse range of academic disciplines, PhD researchers, professional support staff (eg enterprise projects coordinator, head of business engagement, head of the international office), entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, managers of SMEs, and incubator managers.

      What makes the SHINE Project distinctive is that rather than simply uploading a full video recording after a webinar, a written summary is created, recording the key points made by the speakers and participants, and including links to short video clips of the speakers.  Images of the webinars to date are shown below. Click on any image to read the summary online.  There is also the option to download a PDF of each summary.




      The SHINE Project partners have contributed articles to the online eZINE of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network. A selection of recent articles are shown below. Click on any image to access the article.

      SHINE Project Case Study

      Share your case study

      You can share a case study as an author of an article for the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network eZINE or as a speaker in a webinar. Use the contact details at the end of this page to make this happen.




      The SHINE Project shares its findings on this website, in PDF downloads, video clips, journal papers, presentations at conferences, in online tools and training.

      SHINE Project Student Education

      Use our Student Education Checklist

      Use our checklist to help you think about entrepreneurship education ie curriculum, teaching and extra-curricula activities.

      SHINE Project Student Education

      Use our Startups Checklist

      Use our Checklist to help you think about  the actions you can take to give students a better chance of creating a successful startup.

      SHINE Project Student Education

      Use our Partnerships Checklist

      Use our Checklist to help you think about partnerships that create value in society and your the actions you can take to initiate and sustain collaborations.

      SHINE Project Student Education

      Use our Entrepreneurial Culture Checklist

      Use our Checklist to help you think about three key aspects of entrepreneurial culture: strategy, organisation and leadership.

      The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network offers training courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students, of any academic discipline.

      Entrepreneurial mindset for students of any academic discipline
      Entrepreneurial mindset for postgraduate research students

      The Entrepreneurial Mindset Network offers training courses for senior academics and leaders of professional services on the theme of the entrepreneurial mindset and organisational transformation.

      Senior leaders, and learning & development managers, who wish to explore having this training delivered within their organisations, please use the contact details shown below.

      Entrepreneurial mindset for Higher Education leaders